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Wow! Your blog is the cave of Ali Baba for sure... treasures everywhere!

Just yesterday I was talking to a friend, a Vietnam vet who has made a good life for himself, his wife, and daughter, and not been crushed by PTSD and drug addiction. I said something along the lines of: "If we are certain, we don't need faith. Faith is not knowing the outcome and still going on. Faith is believing in yourself; that what you're doing is the right thing for you to be doing. Faith gives us courage, and faith is courageous".

Your body of work and your teaching are great examples of courage and faith. You walk the talk, and I know that you are not always comfortable.


omg this is my whole deal. yes yes, metaphors are
realer than the rest of the stuff folks call 'reality.' etymologically, metaphor has to do with 'changing form' -- they are TRANSFORMERS!

a crone

re: brain science, aging baby boomers

i don't know what the current research on aging supports but i wonder if exercising our "imaginative muscles" may be just as important to preserving the aging brain as doing crossword puzzles and learning new activities and languages :: I hope that many of my peers get this message and take your classes and workshops !


I appreciate your question about "key symbols" and your discourse about your friend's critique of those he views as being overly analytical...and yet he uses the words "conviction" and "objection" which sound very rigid and resisting. So I would compassionately suggest that he might want to either "stay with" the images of intellectual analysis for a while, "inviting them to tea" so to speak and hear what they might have to say to him? I guess that is "active imagination lite" but not a static or abstract or objectifying process for sure. I appreciate your "stirring up" of the conversational "soup."
Well, my reply to him would be that it takes all kinds, LOL. A gazillion ways to kneel and kiss the earth to paraphrase Rumi and these differences make for lively conversation. And each can serve as an obstacle or a doorway. That is this crone's experience.


i wonder if your friend who experiences the intellectualizing "depth work" in the admittedly intellectual and analytical Archetypal Work, might actually find more common ground between these populations (eros + logos) and also better understand how differing neurological architecture as well as cultural bias and life experiences just makes one more or less suited to "perceiving" these imaginative phenomena in different ways.

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